Putting Berwyn’s Bungalows on the Map

October 2012, the Berwyn City Council passed the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) Comprehensive Plan. A cornerstone of this bold plan is to designate the area between Cermak Road and the Depot as a historic district in order to preserve and protect Berwyn’s most important and attractive asset—its housing stock that includes a significant percentage of Chicago Style bungalows .

Subsequently, the City of Homes Organization (CoHo) worked with the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA) to identify a district within the area proposed in the CMAP Comprehensive Plan that would meet the criteria for National Register Nomination. Based on the IHPA recommendation, the area between Cermak Road (north), 26th Street (south), Ridgeland Avenue (east) and Home Avenue (west) was selected for nomination to the National Register.  CoHo worked with the City of Berwyn to secure a grant from the IHPA to hire a consultant to survey and research homes within the proposed historic district and prepare the application to be submitted for nomination.

Heart of Berwyn Bungalow District












The nomination will create one of the largest Bungalow Historic Districts in the United States !

Nomination Process

The City of Berwyn has hired the Lakota Group to manage the research and preparation of the Heart of Berwyn National Register Historic District nomination.   Representatives from the Lakota Group are currently conducting a survey of all properties that are located within the proposed district. They are taking photographs of each building from the street or sidewalk and are adding a few notes about the building’s location and architectural details.

Milestones for this project are as follows:

  • November 2014: Survey of Homes begins
  • March 2015: Initial draft of Heart of Berwyn National Register Nomination submitted to Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA)
  • June 2015: Revised draft of Heart of Berwyn National Register Nomination submitted to the Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council (IHSAC)
  • October 2015: Final Draft of Heart of Berwyn National Register Nomination submitted to IHSAC
  • November 2015: Final Draft of Heart of Berwyn National Register Nomination submitted to the  Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places 
  • December 2015: Anticipated date that the Heart of Berwyn Historic Neighborhood Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places


Please check back to this site as the nomination project progresses. For additional information, please contact City of Homes President Nasri AbiMansour at nasri.mansour@gmail.com or Lakota Group Vice President Nick Kalogeresis at nkalogeresis@gmail.com.

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